1. ladiesofthe60s:

    Jane Fonda for McCall’s - July, 1966.


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  7. Regno Unito, 3 novembre 1960: finalmente arriva nelle librerie L’amante di Lady Chatterley.

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  8. generic-art:

    Wild Guitar (1962) dir. Ray Dennis Steckler

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  10. I never discuss the plots of my film. I never release a synopsis before I begin shooting. How could I? Until the film is edited, I have no idea myself what it will be about. And perhaps not even then. Perhaps the film will only be a mood, or a statement about a style of life. Perhaps it has no plot at all, in the way you use the word.

    -Michelangelo Antonioni (September 29, 1912-July 30, 2007)

    [Roger Ebert]

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  12. julydogs:

    Ministry of Fear (1944) Fritz Lang

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  13. noesjazzmeandering:

    Dizzy Gillespie & Stan Getz - It Don’t Mean A Thing

    Diz And Getz (1954)

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  14. amare-habeo:

    Herbert Ploberger (Austrian, 1902-1977)

    Self-Portrait with ophthalmological teaching models (Selbstbildnis mit ophthalmologischen Lehrmodellen), 1928/30

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